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The First 45 Days – How to Hire and Bring Employees On Board

Finding great employees is hard enough, but how do you keep them?  The first 45 days of every employee can tilt the odds in your favor. How you train and integrate new employees into your team is a crucial tactic. In this course, you will learn how to make the first 45 days of every employee a powerful experience for everyone. Your turnover in key positions will be lower. The employee will be off to a solid start, and your team will be stronger than ever.

Keeping Employees – How to Be a Great Boss

You’ve heard the phrase that it starts at the top. This is also true in leadership. Employees thrive under great leadership and leave under poor.  Learn crucial traits and tactics that will help leaders of large and small companies motivate and keep their best employees.

Strong Legacies – The Cornerstone of Great Transitions

You have invested time and energy into making your business a success. You’re proud of it, and rightfully so. Yet many farms stumble when passing on the farm to the next generation.  Many farmers wait too long to plan. Don’t let this happen to you. While each farm is different, there are tried and true principles that stand the test of time.  We have a roadmap to get you started. In this course, learn the key components of every successful agri-business transition. You’ll feel good at getting started, and the next generation will appreciate the clear vision and plan.

Making Conflict a Competitive Advantage –

Is conflict always bad?  No! But uncontrolled conflict paralyzes many teams. At best, people don't make decisions on time.  At worst, the team disintegrates.  In this course, we learn that conflict is important to your team. We'll learn how to harness conflict into a competitive advantage. You can tame the conflict beast.

Why is Working with Family So Hard? – Understanding the Family & Farm Dynamics

Working with family in the business is sometimes difficult. Why? Is it even possible? Is it worth it? There are real benefits to families working together. But to make it work well, it takes special attention in three areas. In this course, we’ll discuss the minefields that every family business must navigate. We’ll identify key areas of conflict and strategies to work through them. Family businesses that are intentional with how they operate have a strong competitive advantage. Use these tactics. Your business will run smoother, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of working in a family business.

Getting Employee “Buy-In” – Understanding the Why

Many employees don’t fully understand the importance or reason for their tasks. The results are errors, too much retraining, and low morale. It appears like employees don’t “get it” or aren’t “stepping up.” But sometimes, they are just confused.  We show you how to connect the dots, so they learn faster and understand the importance of their work. Employees will understand the big picture and how they fit in it. You’ll have fewer communication and employee headaches.

Managing Transition Planning

Some farm transitions are planned and methodical.  Others happen overnight. The death or disability of an owner could have dire consequences for the farm operations. In this short course, we’ll cover ways a sudden death impacts a farm. We’ll learn systems and tools that help owners and employees manage through an illness or death and keep the farm running smoothly through the crisis.

Employee & Farm Safety – The Black, the White, and the Grey

Farm injuries happen more frequently than we like, and they are expensive. They are also heartbreaking when people get injured or die. OSHA is supposed to help mitigate this risk.  Yet regulations are often murky and sometimes impossible to implement.

So, what can you do to have a safe farm and yet not get bogged down?  You will learn where your biggest risks lurk and what you can do about them in this course. While not all OSHA regulations make sense, we give practical advice you can apply on your farm. Your farm will lower its risk. Your employees will feel safe.  If there is an accident, you’ll be in a strong position with the regulators.

Why Your Employees are Leaving – How to Decrease Turnover

Businesses cannot afford to lose employees to turnover. It costs too much to find, hire, and train employees to have them walk away. Discover the reasons why employees become disgruntled, unengaged, and chose to leave.  Learn new tactics to keep employees on board and happy.

Have Your Ever Wondered What is Wrong? – The 5 Functions of a Team

Now, more than ever, a high-functioning team is important. Every team gets stuck at one point or some level. Getting stuck is normal. The key to getting unstuck is recognizing where you are now and improving the areas that give you the most gain.  Many farms don’t know where to start developing their plan.  This assessment helps. Once you identify the strong and weak areas, you can create a tailor-made plan that fits your farm.

Scalable Agribusinesses – Thrive in Growth Mode

It’s common for management changes to lag behind production growth. After all, scaling up production is often a matter of scaling up what already works. However, scaling up management practices usually means abandoning what has worked in the past. What is needed are significant changes in how the owners manage and what they manage. This course covers tactics and strategies to keep your business management focused on the right things as your business expands. We’ll cover ways to organize both work and employees while improving communication. Learn how your team can stay laser-focused on achieving short and long term goals. Growing isn’t easy, but these tools will help smooth the path so your business doesn’t get bogged down while trying to grow.

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