3 Levels of Farms



  • Focuses most of their attention on production practices.
  • Have all the skills to run a farm and they can do most of the daily work.
  • Enjoys the freedom to work alone
  • Like to make decisions on the fly
  • Growth is capped due to workload
  • Often the farm isn’t large enough or growing fast enough for another generation


  • Most of the daily decisions run through them.
  • Finding and keeping good employees is increasingly hard
  • Have minimal office staff to help
  • Enjoys working in the trenches beside employees
  • Can feel overwhelmed trying to keep everything moving
  • Scaling up is capped due to not enough quality labor.
  • Finding time to work “on” the business is hard.
  • Understands the numbers behind the farm operations


  • Have a balance of business planning & production
  • Are good at hiring only the right people for the team
  • Strategic plans are important to stay on track.
  • Communication is good and constantly refined
  • Doesn’t micromanage and has capable managers
  • Scale is hindered by access to capital
  • Can lose track of the details as the business grows

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