Farm Growth Made Simple

At Encore, we’re passionate about helping farmers improve their operations by developing

management skills, gaining new perspectives and planning for change.


Having a plan brings clarity and focus to your operation. With our strategic roadmaps,

you’ll find the right balance of structure and freedom you need to reach the next level of success.

Strategic Growth

Impactful Leadership

Preserve Your Legacy

Growing crops and livestock is one thing.
Growing your operation is another.

Even the most successful farmers find it challenging to manage a complex operation.

That’s because farming and ranching require one set of skills while managing a successful business takes a completely different set.

At Encore, we’re passionate about helping farmers improve their operations by developing management skills, gaining new perspectives, and planning for change.

Hundreds of farmers have worked with us—and they’ve grown, changed, and prospered.

How Communication Triangles Can Kill A Farming Organization

In this free training, Tim Schaefer will coach you through simple steps you can take to identify communication triangles and how to resolve them.

Tim also reveals the 3 roles in a communication triangle, how to identify which role you're playing, and how to stop playing a role within the communication triangle.


Growing Your Operation is Simple

Schedule A Kick the Tires Call

Together we'll determine if our services are a good fit for your operation. It's a quick call to see where your operation is right now and where you'd like it to go. Then if we decide together that we're a good fit we'll begin to develop your custom growth plan.

Develop Your Growth Plan

Every situation is unique. So is every family. We'll begin to develop your custom growth plan specifically tailored to your operation and goals.

Grow Your Operation

Once the growth plan has been put together now the rubber meets the road. This is where we work with you, your management team, and employees to help you actually put the plan in place.


"I continue to be amazed at the similar issues all of our operations face/struggle with. Whether it is orchard farming in Canada or no-till farming in Kansas or crop farming in northern Minnesota, we are all dealing with similar issues. I would also use the analogy that iron shapes iron. It is refreshing to be with like-minded producers who have similar goals of making their business better each and every day they go to work."


"Your decision-making is so much better. You walk into the room here and you are talking to one person, that's great. You learn something. You talk to 10 people: what they learned, what they tried, ask the right question at the right time. It's a much more powerful situation." 


“As we continue to get bigger, we face new challenges with the need to better manage more complex financials and employees. I received a lot of good information on management possibilities, and how best to structure employees and managers. After going through the program, I have a much better sense of ways to gain control of tracking machinery, maintenance, and labor costs which helps our farm be more profitable. I have met some very interesting and highly informed and smart people in this peer group. The information and openness of this group are the best I have ever experienced. It has offered me an opportunity to see other farms and learn why they are successful”

Mark Foster

“I appreciate the opportunity to work with Tim as he brings experiences from a wide variety of different producers and farming operations.”


"It's a tremendous opportunity to meet some of these other successful business people and learn from their experiences, and share experiences and ways in which they've addressed issues and problems. And quite honestly we all have the same issues and problems. It's been tremendous to learn and see how they've dealt with things"

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