Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Plan your next move.

Why are some farmers more successful than others? It’s not just about the hand you were dealt—it’s also how you choose to play that hand.

Success is rarely accidental. Farmers work hard to be successful only to discover that success creates its own challenges. That’s because a farm is a business, and as it grows it becomes more complex.

When you’re farming with your dad or your brother, the job is easy. But when you suddenly have numerous employees, complicated financial statements and numerous management challenges on a daily basis, success can be difficult.

Finding a Customized Solution

With Encore’s Business Growth Strategy services, you have the opportunity to work with Tim Schaefer, who has years of experience helping farmers succeed.

We’ll take a close look at your farm—as a business—and together, we’ll work through your most important issues and biggest challenges to create a strategic plan. This may include business structure, leadership, communications, employees, processes, data and more.

Having a plan brings clarity and focus to your operation. With our strategic roadmaps, you’ll find the right balance of structure and freedom you need to reach the next level of success.

“I appreciate the opportunity to work with Tim as he brings experiences from a wide variety of different producers and farming operations.”

Mark Foster, Foster Farms, ID

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