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Feb. 2022

People Skills

Dec 28, 2021


18:39 - What is an effective meeting? It doesn't have to take a long time.
23:29 - Why have a quarterly meeting?
27:39 - Who runs the meetings? What gets on the agenda?
32:00 - Having structure and a timeline speeds it up.
34:44 - Honing Listening Skills
41:41 - How do we respectfully address a family member that has negative comments about the farm?
46:00 - The ability to understand different personalities is eye-opening. Once you understand others personalities, you can flex more.
48:15 - True Example of family in conflict: How much should dad be compensated when transitioning out of the farm?
52:45 - Tailor your approach so that others can hear you.
56:10 - What do you do when others become emotional?
59:57 - Meetings that are not effective are a sign that something needs to change.
1:00:55 - How do you go about finding the right consultant?
1:02:45 - A consultant needs to work for the farm, not one person on the farm.
1:03:30 - Does everyone on the farm need to agree on a consultant before hiring them?
1:05:18 - Employee Communication
1:05:48 - How do you bridge highly skilled tactical employees to big-picture thinking leaders?

Stay Interviews

Find out why your employees want to work for you, so you can keep  them.

March 31, 2021

Family & Management

March 2, 2021:  Does family dynamics make growing and passing on your business seem insurmountable? You're not alone. Family dynamics can make it difficult. But you can get to a spot where everyone gets along and works together. Liz shares tips and answers questions on the PDPW Daily Signal Show


Giving & Receiving Feedback

Feb. 10, 2021

Managing Effective Teams

Jan 12, 2021: Find out why your employees want to work for you, so you can keep  them.

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