We wouldn’t be having this conversation if….

When times are tough, and everyone is under stress all the imperfections bubble to the surface. The imperfections were there all along but aren’t visible until our backs are against the wall. This is especially true of transition planning.

My latest Farm Futures article covers some of the problem areas we often see at farms of all sizes and locations.

Click here to download the full article: Deal with transition planning before it's too late

Common Problems

-Tying compensation to ownership
-How the next generation builds equity
-Providing for the senior generation income while not harming the farm
-Conflict among family

The Solution: Don't Procrastinate. Start Working on a plan NOW.

We get it, Transition Planning is a Challenge. Here at Encore we believe passing on your farm to the next generation takes skill, planning and executing on that solid plan. We have a proven process that works!

The Next Step:
Schedule a short, complimentary "Kick the Tires" call with Tim and see how this process can be applied to your farm so that everyone will be pulling in the same direction and you’ll feel good about the future.